Evidence and explanation of the software

First, I want to show you a live account of ours that has earned in 614 days, 8% average per month. For this, check out this link: https://www.fxblue.com/users/1700027532

My partner in this created an explanation video about the trading strategy specifically. If you’re interested to know more about what the software bases the trades on, when Take Profits (TP’s) or Stop Losses (SL’s) are taken etc. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/fvdY19GHF-o


Schedule a call with me

Now that you understand the basics of our software, I can explain you a bit more about how everything works in a Zoom call. Please also read the FAQ’s at the bottom of the page, that will clarify even more for you.
If you are serious about getting started but you first want to talk to me personally, you can schedule a call via the link below. Make sure you prepare the questions you want to ask me, so we only need to do one call to get everything clear.

If you don’t want a Zoom call but just want to get started, message me at https://www.instagram.com/allarounddollars and I will explain step by step how you can start.


Of course, we can’t guarantee anything 100%, but we can show you that over 2 years, we made an average of 8% per month with this software.

From 2022 on, the profit is lower since a lot is happening in the world which affects the Forex market. Russian war for instance has a huge impact. We lowered our risk to stay safe at all times and therefore the profit is a lower than it used to be. Client’s capital protection is more important than profit, at all times.

It may be that one month 3% is made, then nothing else will happen. Your profit will just be 3% (still more than the annual bank return). Since your costs are $0, this is all still profit for you and we’ll do our best to perform better next month.

If there is a loss in one month it will have to be compensated by us in other months (no guarantees). Losses are part of trading and they will happen. It is up to us to turn these losses into profits by winning the next trades with a higher lot size, and in general winning more than losing.

There are no costs for you as a client. No startup costs and no monthly costs. Our earnings are affiliate based, that’s why we can offer you this for free.

Chance is always there, but after 2 years there has never been a mistake by the software itself. There are rather things we could have done better ourselves regarding how we manage the software to trade for us.

Yes, really it only applies per $1000,- on your account. For every $1000,- added to your account you will earn more. It doesn’t matter if the software has earned this $1000,- or if you have added it yourself.